Our Trainers

Sandi Antalick

GSLTC Member since: 2009
GSLTC Training Team Member since: 2016

Sandi is an Activities Director at Dolan Memory Care Homes. She enjoys training and trialling with her dog in Scent work, tricks, Rally Obedience, Novice Obedience and Canine Good Citizen. She also enjoys traveling, camping, geocaching, hiking, and visiting the grandchildren with her dog. She and her dog participate in Dog Scouts and have attended Dog Scout camp. Sometimes her dog accompanies Sandi to work to share his friendliness and good nature with clients and co-workers. She also volunteers with the Activities Director Association of Missouri (ADAM) as a board member.

“I enjoy helping students learn ways to change their dog’s behaviors in a positive way with clicker training. Often times, I can relate to their issue. Through my training with GSLTC, I have learned how to modify behavior in a positive way, understand the dog’s perspective and develop a relationship of mutual understanding with my dog. I enjoy sharing this knowledge with students. I find it rewarding when I observe them teach their  dog something new, it gives the student a sense of pride and accomplishment. It makes me feel good to know that I have been able to help them.”


Lucy Bailey, KPA-CTP, CPDT-KA, AKC CGC Evaluator

GSLTC Member since: 1965
GSLTC Training Team Member since: 1970

Lucy retired from the Saint Louis Zoo. She enjoys training her dogs and teaching Rally, Obedience, Tricks, Earthdog, Barn Hunt, Lure Coursing, Conformation, Breeding and Puppy Training. All of her volunteer activities are related to the Greater St. Louis Training Club.

“I have had the pleasure to be part of the Greater St. Louis Training Club’s transition to clicker training. I have seen the classes become calmer, the dogs become more engaged in training and the families appreciate the response of their dogs to positive reinforcement marker training due to our modern training methods. I am so proud of our training team’s commitment to continuing education and the fact that, as volunteers, many of them have credentials far beyond those of local commercial trainers. I am so happy that more people are learning to read canine body language and are able to better understand when their dogs are feeling anxious or uncertain. I look forward to the day when all pets and all dogs in AKC competitions are trained with positive reinforcement marker training.”

See the referral list for Lucy’s dog training business: Come Click! LLC


Frances BeezleyFrances Beezley, CGC Evaluator

GSLTC Member since: July 2003
GSLTC Training Team Member since: 2004

Fran is a retired High School math teacher. She enjoys participating with her dogs in Dog Scouts. She also enjoys training her dogs in obedience, rally obedience, scent work, and barn hunt. Fran also volunteers with the Humane Society of Missouri as a puppy foster parent.

“Training is essential for building a successful relationship with your dog. It should be fun and rewarding for both of you. Remember to take into account the dog’s likes, dislikes and needs as well as your own.”


Bob Brasses, KPA-CTP

Board of Directors, BusinessBob Brasses
GSLTC Member since: 2010
GSLTC Training Team Member since: 2011

Bob is a professional dog trainer and Mayor of Fenton Missouri. His term ends in 2021. He is active in American Sighthound Field Association lure coursing (ASFA), Large Greyhound Racing Association (LGRA) and AKC Rally. Bob also volunteers with Greyhound Companions Of Missouri as a training consultant, St. Louis Area Sighthounds (SLASH). He has served as the Director of Gateway Buick Club. This club hosted car shows to preserve the heritage and history of the Buick automobile and to raise money for charitable organizations. He also volunteers with the St.Louis Lionel Railroad Club, where he helps host train display for the entertainment of the public.

“Being around dogs since the age of 2 gives one a unique perspective in the world of dogs as my dog Sonny was my playmate, constant companion and protector. Training has always been viewed by me as a cooperative undertaking between the human and the dog. Thanks to the training program at GSLTC, I have been able to learn clicker training and have been able to develop stronger and more productive relationships with my dogs. As an instructor with the club I hopefully am able to intensify the bond between the dogs and puppies and there guardians! Also by helping folks train their dogs we are creating pups that will always have a home: who wouldn’t want a well trained dog!”

See the referral list for Bob’s dog training business:, The Pawsitive K-9 Home Dog Training, LLC


Anne Cathe - BokmaAnne Cath

GSLTC Member since: 2010
GSLTC Training Team Member since: 2018

Anne is retired. She enjoys training her dogs in obedience, rally and tricks. All of her volunteer activities are related to the Greater St. Louis Training Club.

“I really enjoy seeing students improve in their handling skills as they progress through our classes. I would love to see more of our students take the leap and participate in obedience and rally. I find these activities enjoyable and ways to continue building a positive relationship of teamwork with our dogs.”


Lisa FlaumLisa Flaum, KPA-CTP, Fear Free Certified Trainer, Puppy Start Right Trainer

GSLTC Member since: 2017
GSLTC Training Team Member since: 2017

Lisa is an Information Technology specialist and a dog and cat trainer at Columbia Animal Hospital in Columbia, Illinois. At the hospital she uses her Fear Free certification knowledge to help the clients and their pets feel more accepting of veterinary exams and procedures. She enjoys training her dogs tricks, just for fun.

“I came to training through a fear aggressive dog and have a special interest in those dogs.  I also spent years working in a shelter. I love the lightbulb moment when a dog realizes that there is two way communication going on, that what he does matters and that he can make me click. It is great fun to teach people how to get that communication going with their own dogs.”


Rosemary Gottlieb

President, GSLTC
GSLTC Member since: 2012
GSLTC Training Team Member since: 2014

Rosie is a stay at home dog mom. She enjoys training her dog in obedience and playing backyard games. All of her volunteer activities are related to the Greater St. Louis Training Club.

“It is important for our companion animals to build a bond, one click at a time. Positive training techniques build positive canine/human interactions.”


Barb KohnerBarb Kohner, PhD

Board of Directors, Safety
GSLTC Member since: 2007
GSLTC Training Team Member since: 2007

Barb is a clinical child psychologist, specializing in learning and adjustment problems. She enjoys training her dogs in obedience, Canine Good Citizen skills and tricks. She enjoys walking the neighborhood, hiking on local trails, and meeting new people with her dogs. She is involved with Brittany Rescue and she trains and socializes shelter puppies at the Humane Society of Missouri. She is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainer (APDT).

“In my work with children, I often find that despite the best of intentions, parents and teachers tend to misinterpret negative behavior as a ‘motivation’ problem or ‘stubbornness’ instead of what it usually is – a reaction to stress and lack of confidence or a skill deficit of some sort. Adults then fall into the trap of using negative consequences to try to ‘motivate’ the child. These approaches not only fail to produce the desired effects, but often result in even greater frustration for everyone. When I took classes with the GSLTC, I met trainers who understood the underlying causes of negative behavior and taught the kinds of responses I believe in and try to promote in my work as a clinical psychologist. I greatly admired and respected their knowledge and wanted to be a part of this group.”


Carol MeagherCarol Meagher, KPA-CTP, CCPDT-KA, CGC Evaluator, Fear Free Certified Trainer

GSLTC Member since: 2010
GSLTC Training Team Member since: 2011

Carol works as a Special Imaging Technologist in Cardiology and Electrophysiology and is a part time Professional Dog Trainer. She enjoys doing Canine Scent Work, obedience and trick training, dabbling in field work training, taking long hikes and playing ball in a big field with her dogs. She is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT), the North American Canine Scent Work association (NACSW) and the North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA). She has also served on the board of directors and taught numerous classes with the Greater St Louis Training Club (GSLTC).

“Beyond getting a behavior from another species, training is developing a partnership, building a team, and building mutual trust and respect. Part of building the relationship is to understand what makes your partner tick: what was your dog bred to do, which traits are prominent, what is motivating, what is distracting, and when are we asking too much. It is important to let our dogs be dogs but it is also important to teach our dogs how to live comfortably and respectfully in the world we share with them. By training specific behaviors with positive reinforcement marker training, giving them a high rate of reinforcement for ‘getting it right’, being consistent, clear, and offering opportunities to excel at being a dog, we are training them that we are a trustworthy partner who gives
them skills to live comfortable, confident lives in our human world.”


Shawn NordellShawn Nordell

GSLTC Member since: 2013
GSLTC Training Team Member since: 2019

Shawn is a higher education career and educational specialist, animal behavior instructor, and textbook author. She enjoys training her dogs obedience and scent work (nose work). All of her volunteer activities are related to the Greater St. Louis Training Club.

“I love being a trainer with the Greater St Louis Training Club because the wonderful people utilize clicker training, an evidence-based method of force free dog training. My goal is to help dog owners learn how to use clicker training methods to create the best possible connection with their canine companions. I observe that using clicker training,
where you click to mark a behavior and then reinforce the behavior with a reward, can result in a clicker smart dog that loves to train!”


Brooke PriceBrooke Price

GSLTC Member since: 2019
GSLTC Training Team Member since: 2021

“Although I just recently got into dog training, I have been around dogs and owned many dogs my entire life. As a dog trainer I have thoroughly enjoyed helping clients train their dogs. Having the knowledge I do about canines has transformed my life in so many ways. My focus is on creating pleasant and respectful relationships between people and the animals that enrich our lives every day.”



Shelley PryorShelley Pryor, KPA-CTP, Fear Free Certified Trainer

GSLTC Member since: 2012
GSLTC Training Team Member since: 2015

Shelley is a professional dog trainer who specializes in puppy development and behavior. Two of her dogs help her teach K-12 classes about kind animal care, welfare and safety at the Humane Society of Missouri (HSMO). She helped them earn conformation, Canine Good Citizen and Tricks titles. Each summer, Shelley and her dogs team teach 200 children dog-training skills at HSMO’s “Kids for Critters” camps. She works with her two other dogs – both rescued Akitas – on behavior and medical issues resulting from their tough beginnings at puppy mills. Shelley also works regularly with puppies and dogs at HSMO who need behavioral support. For 8 years she worked in hands-on rescue for Midwest Akita Rescue Society (MARS). She has served on the boards of the Greater St. Louis Training Club (GSLTC) and Akita Club of  America Rescue (ACAR).

“I fully endorse and practice only force-free training and handling methods. My great love is working with animals at their level – those who are quick studies of course, but also those who may be on edge or need support. They have taught me a lot about compassion and the sheer resilience of animals. I collaborate with veterinarians on behavior cases to improve family outcomes and quality of life.”

See the referral list for Shelley’s dog training business: Spry Dog


Liz PurkapleLiz Purkaple, CPCFT-Certified Professional Canine Fitness Trainer

GSLTC Member since: March 2017
GSLTC Training Team Member since: 2018

Liz is a full time accountant and a part time Professional Canine Fitness Trainer. She enjoys training and competing in Scent Work, Rally Obedience, Canine Freestyle, Agility, and Barn Hunt.

“I have been training in various dog sports since 2014. I have taken several classes and workshops with the Fenzi Dog Sports Academy since 2015 to enhance my training. I love to learn about dog training and ways to enhance the human and canine bond. I also enjoy sharing what I have learned with students.”


Alane WolinsAlane Wolins

GSLTC Member since: 2012
GSLTC Training Team Member since: 2021

Alane is happily anticipating retirement, so she can spend more time with horses and dogs.

“When I was 13, my mom tried to convince me that I really didn’t like or need horses and suggested a dog instead. It didn’t work though: horses have always been “top dog,” but dogs do run a close second. I got my start with GSLTC via Molly in puppy kindergarten in 2012 and am a trainer on Monday nights. Currently I am involved with my dogs Kelly, Summer and Molly in various activities including disc sports, paddle boarding, backpacking, tricks and dry land mushing, have passed the CGC with Kelly, as well as novice Rally Obedience with Summer.”