“Instructors were attentive and personal, and had good control of other dogs in class.”

“I took my puppy class somewhere else and I learned more (and saw more improvement in my dog) in one class at GSLTC than the 8 classes there! I recommend the GSLTC often.”

“I was really impressed with all the one-on-one attention we received. The trainers were great!”

“I loved the individual attention given to my puppy (10 months) by the trainers. We got her at 5 months from a shelter and she can be very shy around people. The trainers in my Foundation class went above and beyond to help socialize her and give her special attention. I really appreciated that.”

“I always recommend GSLTC puppy classes to everyone I know with a puppy.”

“The trainers are just excellent, and the entire approach to dog teaching/training is very positive.”

“The instructors were all very well qualified and very helpful with any of the skills that we were learning.”

“I felt that there was fantastic teacher to student ratio so we could always had the help and attention we needed! I also love that you can miss a class and not fall behind!

“My dog got to play with other dogs, which is a huge deal to us!”

“We were very impressed at how the Greater St. Louis Training Club is run!  You guys and gals are great!  I love that my money can go to support a non-profit community based agency for training and not to a competitor!  The experience of the trainers was also impressive.  Our dog is also very behaved and is an excellent example of efficiency of the training program!”


How Are We Doing?

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