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At the GSLTC, we don’t teach your dog, we teach you! We’re focused on getting quick results with humane methods, therefore we use reward-based techniques and clicker training to maximize results and accelerate your dog’s learning at every class level. Our goal is to work with your dog’s unique personality and build a bond based on trust and respect.

Choosing the right trainer or training organization is important however. Because the dog training industry is currently unregulated, there are many types of trainers working today. That can make it hard when choosing which trainer is right for you and your dog. Certifications and educational backgrounds show that a trainer takes his or her profession seriously, and is dedicated to being the best for their clients. However, not all certifications are the same.  At the GSLTC, all of our classes are taught by qualified trainers who are highly knowledgeable and certified. We pride ourselves on our deep knowledge base and highly educated team of professionals. We work hard to make sure your dog gets the best training possible.